Privacy policy

The below is the private policy of Liz-Arts (hereafter referred to as “this group”).

1. Management of private information

This group obtain and manage the below information.
  • Information from user forms that users entered
  • User IDs that are automatically allocated when users enter the above information

2. Purpose of information usage

  • This group uses the information to identify the users when inquiring.

3. Provision of information

This group does not disclose or leak the user information to any third groups except for the below cases.
  • When the relevant user agrees to the disclosure
  • When there is a judicial writ, decision or order made by a court to disclose the information
  • When the prosecution/ the police makes legal and appropriate inquiry regarding the information

4. Revision of the privacy policy

This privacy policy may be modified without any advance notices. Please check this privacy policy on a regular basis.


Please contact the below window person regarding our use of personal information.

Liz-Arts contact email address :
Enactment date: 10 February, 2017

Terms of service

Virtual currency, rights and disclaimer are defined below by Liz-Arts (hereafter referred to as “this group”).

1. Introduction

  1. Ludiger (hereafter referred to as “this game”) is a game application managed by this group.
  2. Users of this game (hereafter referred to as “users”) agree with the below clauses regarding the usage of this game.
  3. This group can modify the contents of this privacy policy for any reason based on their own decision. The modified section becomes effective on the date of modification.

2. Virtual currency of this game

  1. Users can obtain crystals by watching advertisement videos in a way that is specified by this group or by purchasing. Crystals are virtual currency that is consumed by going onto online competition of this game.
  2. Crystals can be purchased in the below conditions.
    (1)Only users of this game can purchase crystals.
    (2)Minors require parental consent in order to purchase crystals.
    (3)When this game is uninstalled from a device, user data and crystals are deleted. This group does not recover or conduct any takeover of user data or crystals for any reason.
    (4)This group does not issue receipts regarding the payment of crystals.
    (5)This group does not refund crystals for any reason except for legal cases.

3. Rights

  1. This game is owned by Liz-Arts. Users are forbidden to deviate from the scope of personal usage of this game that is guaranteed by copyright laws regardless of commercial or noncommercial purpose.
  2. It is forbidden to distribute, copy, modify, rent, disclose or upload any data of this game to the third party.
  3. When this group finds a user conducting malicious acts in this game, they can delete the data of the relevant user and limit, suspend, cancel or end the use of this game.

4. Disclaimer

  1. This group is not responsible for managing or saving the number and the usage status of users’ crystals.
  2. This group is not responsible for any damage that has been caused by the usage of this game.
  3. A part or all of the management of this game may be ceased for some circumstances of this group. This group is not responsible for any damage caused by the limit, suspension, cancelation or end of this game.
  4. This group is not responsible for any damage caused by the addition, modification, suspension or end of this game, or by reduction in a data communication speed due to access overload or some unexpected factor.
Enactment date: 10 February, 2017
Amendment date: 11 February, 2017